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I know that she’s going to be reading this but my girlfriend… I really don’t know how to put the words together to describe the depth of my love for my girlfriend.

But I do know that she’s the reason why I’m happy even when times are tough. She’s my biggest supporter and I am always so thankful to have her in my life. Without her my life isn’t the same. She’s incredibly intelligent and I love how her mind works. I am amazed by everything that she does. She’s so precious to me and I adore all the little things about her. The way her voice sounds in the morning when she first wakes up to how she sounds right before she falls asleep. How she tells me that she loves me everyday and how much she misses me. I love how art intrigues her so much and how her taste in music is so different from mine and how poetry touches her in a way that I won’t ever understand. I love how our conversations can vary from one topic to another and there’s never not a moment where I’m not uncomfortable with sharing all of the things that I share with her. I am understood and she knows exactly how to love me even if she isn’t aware of it. There’s just so much that I love about her I can’t possibly put everything into words, it’s endless. I love her for her. I just love everything about her and I’ve never been so sure about anything or anyone in my life as much as I am sure about my love for her.